INSPECTOR GLOVES are available in lightweight or medium weight cotton or a 40 denier synthetic and are made from 100% cotton or 100% synthetic materials. Used for handling parts and high tech components or as a glove liner to make wearing a disposable glove more comfortable.

What Are Cotton Gloves?

Cotton gloves are coverings worn over your hands. The gloves have four stalls for your fingers and a fifth stall for your thumb. Typically, cotton gloves are designed to fit a bit loosely for comfort. Natural cotton fabric is used to make cotton gloves, giving them a soft feel. Cotton is also highly breathable, meaning that air can easily pass through the material and reach your skin beneath the gloves.

Uses of Cotton Gloves

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to wear cotton gloves. Slipping a pair on after you have applied an ointment or cream can improve absorption to help boost the benefits of the products. The gloves can also enhance absorption of hand lotions. As a result, cotton gloves can help you address calluses, eczema, dryness, roughness, rashes and a variety of other concerns. In addition, cotton gloves prevent ointments, creams and lotions from staining your clothing or items in your home.

Cotton Glove Sizes

As you shop for cotton gloves, it is important to keep size in mind. Some cotton gloves are one size fits all but are made for men or women, while others are sold in one universal size for everyone. Manufacturers may also offer cotton gloves in qualitative sizes like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. You can read the product descriptions for more information about the how each pair of gloves is sized. If you’re uncertain which size is right for you, measure your hands before you shop.

How To Care For Cotton Gloves

Most cotton gloves are designed to be reused multiple times. With continuous wear, the gloves may develop an odor or a buildup of residue inside. This means that you will need to clean your gloves regularly to keep them like new. Machine-washable cotton gloves are very easy to clean, as you can simply toss them in the washing machine. Other gloves will need to be washed by hand. The product descriptions contain details about the recommended methods of care for the cotton gloves currently available.

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