Abrasive discs or sand paper discs are the part of a sander that actually does all the hard work. There’s a ton of different discs for different jobs and getting to know the exact type that you need for the work you have to do is vital for anybody using a sander at work or at home.

Choosing the right disc for the job is essential, as failure to do so can result in a poor quality finish, or damage to what you’re trying to sand. Thankfully, we stock a variety of different types of sanding discs and have something in stock to suit your requirements, whatever they are.

It can be a little confusing, what with all the different kinds of sanding discs available on the market today. Thankfully, this guide details the different kinds of sanding disks available from Empire Abrasives and what they’re best suited for use on. We will help you to ensure you’re using the right sanding discs for the job every time, and as such, minimizing damage to your stock while getting the best value for money possible.


Like their name suggests, Velcro-backed  hook and loop sanding discs have small hooks and loops that make it easy to attach them to your orbital sander. This system makes them equally easy to remove, which is useful when you reuse your discs or need to switch to a different type of abrasive while working. Although removable, they maintain a secure hold during use and won’t slip, break away, or fly off.


Sand paper discs with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) are easy to attach to your sander- simply peel away the backing and apply. They can be made from film, cloth, or paper, so you’re likely to find a PSA disc that meets your budget and needs. The cloth and film-backed products are stronger and more tear-resistant, which is ideal for heavy-duty sanding, while paper-backed ones do a good job with lighter sanding and finishing jobs.

One thing to bear in mind with PSA discs is that once you remove them, you can’t put them back on. This is where they differ from hook and loop systems. They are a better investment for larger jobs where you’ll be using the same disc until it wears out.

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