Cartridge rolls, abrasive rolls, or sand paper rolls are a valuable abrasive tool for reaching into corners, where larger diameter tools can’t work. They are typically used to remove flash and machine tool marks as well as general polishing and edge breaking. They come in a tapered or straight roll in various grits and sizes and a variety of materials.

Cartridge rolls or sand paper rolls are strips of abrasive cloth rolled and glued to form a solid shape that is designed to break down during use and reveal the next layer of abrasive. They can be used on inside surfaces and inside corners where other forms of abrasive can not reach. Typically these are used on high speed air grinders and are always mounted on a mandrel. Ideal for flash removal, polishing, or removing machine tool marks, and edge breaking.

Standard Abrasives – Cartridge Rolls are available in Ceramic Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia Alumina and Aluminum Oxide. These cartridge rolls are ideal for fast cutting on irregular contours and other hard-to-reach areas on all ferrous materials.

  • Aluminum Oxide – The Versatile Powerhouse of Abrasives
  • Silicon Carbide – Self-Sharpening And Great For Beautiful Finishes And Glass
  • Ceramic Alumina – Long Lasting, Great For Metal Finishing
  • Alumina-Zirconia – The Grittiest Of Them All

If you’re looking to create the best version of your woodworking or metal projects, no doubt sanding will be a key part of that process, whether you’re rough sanding to remove jagged edges, de-burr, in preparation for gluing, or if you are in the finishing and polishing stages.

Each of these steps clearly requires different sandpaper grits to get the best results, but the grain type will also impact your overall results – and believe it or not, it may even be best to change types depending on the material you’re working with and the stage you’re at. So, clearly, choosing the right type of abrasive will be critical, and could mean the difference between a high-quality finished product and an amateurish-looking piece, in addition to increasing the life of your sandpaper, getting the best results for your sanding/polishing/finishing stage, having a faster, cleaner and cooler (reduced heat/friction) sanding job. Contact us today for more information.

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