Corrugated Dummy Cathodes or Dummy Panels

A corrugated dummy cathode is a cathode, corrugated to give variable current densities, that is plated at low current densities to preferentially remove impurities from a plating solution. The term dummy is generally used to indicate LCD (low current density). Dummy plating is one of several ways to deal with contaminants in a plating bath. It is usually used against metallic impurities, especially if the contaminant is more noble than the main metal of the plating bath. For example, copper contamination in a nickel plating bath. In theory, you simply plate at a low voltage onto scrap cathodes, in hopes that the contaminant metal will plate out preferentially, so you will plate out the contaminant onto the scrap, without plating out too much of the contents of the plating bath. In practice, the dummy cathode is often a sheet of corrugated metal. In the old days, nickel plating tanks often had dummy plating compartments, so that you were continuously plating out copper and other contaminants. These days dummy plating is usually a periodic batch type operation instead using dummy panels.

These dummy panels are available in Mild Steel, 316 Stainless Sheet, 304 Stainless Steel with hooks. The standard corrugated dummy panel sheet size comes in 20 gauge but can be custom ordered. When ordering please provide desired width, length, hook length, bus bar size and sheet thickness. The sheets can also be corrugated horizontally or vertically. Please specify a direction when placing an order.

We would be pleased to quote your requirements for corrugated dummy cathodes. The details needed for quotation are: Width “W”, Length “L”, Bus Bar size and Sheet thickness. Standard sheet thickness is 20 gauge. You may contact us directly by calling 954-784-3093 or filling out the contact form below. Make sure to input the details for your order in the comments box.

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