The original Cloth Airway Buff or polishing buff has been an industry standard for over 70 years.  These buffs are effective finishing tools for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, marble, plastics, and other materials.  Cloth Airways can be used in all facets of the finishing operation.

Standard Sizes: 8″-26″ Diameter, 3-9″ Center (Special sizes available)

Material: The proper cloth is selected for each application depending on the job requirements. Cotton, polyester cotton, mill treatments, and woven sisal are available, individually or in combination.

Treatment: These airway buffs are offered in dip treated materials in addition to standard untreated and mill treated materials. Both standard and specialty dip treatments are available which offer enhanced performance depending on the application requirements.

Many sizes and treatments are in stock.

Buffing and polishing are two common finishing processes used in the manufacturing industry. They both involve smoothing the surface of a workpiece to improve its aesthetics as well as its physical properties. Unbeknownst to many people, however, buffing and polishing aren’t the same. Each finishing process has its own unique characteristics. So, what’s the difference between buffing and polishing exactly?

What Is Buffing?

Buffing is defined as a finishing process that involves the use of a loose abrasive on a wheel. To polish a workpiece, a manufacturing company may use a wheel that’s covered with an abrasive disc. The loose abrasive on the disc essentially removes superficial material and imperfections, thereby creating a smoother surface.

What is Polishing

Polishing, on the other hand, is a finishing process that involves the use of an abrasive that’s secured — typically with glue or other adhesives — to the wheel. As a result, polishing is considered a more aggressive finishing process when compared to buffing. It’s able to remove more superficial material from the surface of a workpiece, allowing for a brighter and more polished finish.

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