Buff Rakes & Handles

Buff rakes and handles are for cleaning, fraying, and facing buffs and polishing wheels. Buffing wheel rakes are designed specifically for edge cut cotton buffing wheels. The main purpose is for cleaning and to remove glazing but they are also very effective at fraying the face of new lathe cut cloth buffs prior to use. Available as assembled sets or individual replacement heads and handles. Hardware (nuts and bolts) are included with the replacement handle and not the head. As a buff gets older, it accumulates compound and metal which can scratch the surface of soft metals. Use the Buff Rake to restore your buff to like-new condition. Has 4 rows of teeth made of steel and mounted on a wood handle. Measures 15″ long overall. Safety note: apply light pressure to the buff while holding the Buff Rake tightly with both hands.

Assembled (Center Mount)

Completely assembled center mount set for two handed use with stand-up, floor mounted buffing machines and polishing lathes. Steel rake head is easily replaceable when worn.

Assembled (End Mount)

Completely assembled end mount or “T” style set for one handed use with portable power and air tools. Handle is flared at the base to help prevent loss of grip when raking. Steel rake head is easily replaceable when worn.

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