In addition to larger plating barrels, Alert Sales supplies Sterling barrels and parts. Most all barrels and parts are stock items at the factory and can be shipped immediately.

Sterling’s plating barrels and parts are developed by platers for platers. Sterling’s original mesh barrel provided the first practical method for plating a wide range of thin or miniature parts. Simplicity in overall design recognizes the plater’s need for equipment that operates day after day, without a lot of attention. Backing up this performance and common-sense design is Sterling’s reputation for quick response to unusual requirements with an unmatched stock of complete barrels and components for off-the-shelf delivery.

There are certain Sterling cylinders that feature a unique end-panel mesh construction. This additional mesh provides even greater solution and current transfer, resulting in faster, more uniform plating with reduced drag out. Each Sterling plating barrel is designed with many standard features enhancing overall performance including:

  • Cylinder panels to enhance solution transfer (parts will not stick to mesh sides)
  • Quick acting clutch for proper positioning of cylinder when loading and unloading
  • Interchangeable mesh or square hole cylinders allows you freedom for full utilization of your equipment
  • Enclosed motor prevents moisture and humidity from disrupting operations
  • Lift tab enables easy door opening
  • Rugged construction designed for long service
  • Tight joints and smooth interior help eliminate rejects caused by parts catching joints

Please contact us with the form below for your Sterling Plating Barrels and Parts requirements including the model and/or the specific part or parts needed and we will provide pricing and /or additional information.

    Please contact us with specifications and/or to request information or technical data sheets.