Immersion coil heat exchangers have small tubes made of flexible fluoropolymer that are braided into coils. Coils can be installed into almost any tank configuration. Braids are separated by spacers for optimum thermal performance. immersion coil heat exchangers also called just coils, transfer heat between two or more streams across a media, typically metal. Common designs include shell-and-tube and plate-and-frame.

Immersion coils are ideally suited for almost all metal finishing (plating) and metal processing (pickling) applications. The fluoropolymer tubes (FEP, PFA and Q) is non-conductive, chemically inert, flexible, and tough. Most of the competition is not suited for, hot, strong sulfuric acid or fluoride-containing baths. In these applications, Alert Sales FPP immersion coils should be a clear choice. In addition, a few ppm of corroded metal can ruin many baths. Alert Sales FPP immersion coils should have an advantage wherever bath contamination is critical.

Immersion heat exchangers can be a single plate or an assembly of multiple Pillow Plates that are banked together and immersed in a container with liquid. The medium in the plates can then cool or heat the liquid in the container. Our Immersion exchangers can be utilized in either a continuous flow, or a batch process.

A coil is a heat transfer device that is directly immersed into a tank of solution that needs heating or cooling of a process fluid. The design of the coil is beneficial over other style heat exchangers because it is immersed directly in the fluid without having to be pumped externally into a heat exchanger and then back to the process tank. This provides fast and efficient heat transfer and limits the need for additional piping, valves, and does not require additional space in the mechanical room. The most common style of immersion coil heat exchangers are fluoropolymer coils, electric coils, and metal “grid style” plate immersion coils. Each coil has benefits for different process applications.

Several types of immersion coils and heat exchangers are available from Alert Sales:

  • Grid Coils
  • Serpentine Coils
  • U Coils
  • Helical Coils
  • Fluoropolymer Coils
  • In-Line Exchangers

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