Platers brushes or Tampico brushes are ideal for dirt removal, minor buffing, metal finishing, and more. Tampico ( a vegetable fiber) or nylon bristle is firmly staple-set into 4 X 16 rows in an unfinished, curved hardwood handle. Plater brushes are great for heavy duty cleaning of machines, metals, plating equipment, and even grills. Platers’ Hand and Scouring Brushes are designed for general industrial cleaning in the metal finishing and plating industries. Solid hardwood blocks are used for more comfortable brushes. Blocks are made with two different shapes. Shoe Handle and curved wooden handle. The natural color of the Fiber is creamy white, but it is often dyed other colors. Tampico Fiber has great liquid holding and release properties – it will absorb 65% more water than plastic fillings. It has a unique surface roughness due to crystals of calcium oxalate embedded in the surface. In platers brushes there is really no plastic substitute for Tampico Fiber found in the Tampico brushes. The fiber is unsurpassed in most general sweeping applications, and in all applications requiring liquid retention, scrubbing and surface finishing.

​Tampico Fiber in platers brushes are a soft to medium-soft bristle with the following qualities:
– It is a very resistant material, but with a very fine, delicate and smooth texture
– It has abrasive qualities which makes it ideal for polishing applications
– It keeps its qualities and smoothness over time, while other fiber becomes hard and the quality deteriorates

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