Hot Mill Gloves

Designed to withstand high temperatures and even flame, hot mill gloves or buffing gloves are a key item of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers responsible for metalworking operations such as forging, casting, welding, molding, buffing and polishing, and other handling of hot metals. Hot mill gloves are heat and flame resistant. They can be used for forging, hot metal handling, casting, molding and other applications. When buffing and polishing metal for extended periods of time the metal can become extremely hot. To prevent injury and burns it is highly recommended you use a glove designed to withstand the high heat created by the friction when buffing, polishing, or sanding down any metal object.

Hot mill gloves feature a 100% insulated leather, offering your hands comfort. Perfect for industrial, maintenance, building, renovation, carpentry, roadwork’s HIGH QUALITY: These buffing and polishing gloves are made from carefully-selected thick and soft material with rubberized safety cuff, oil resistant, puncture resistant. Offers protection from the cold and minor hazards. They are available in 18 oz to 26 oz. and are ideal for buffing and polishing and anywhere heat resistance is needed.  The cotton gloves are available in assorted sizes.

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